Fundamentals of Gear & Landscape Photography

This Course Is Guaranteed to Save You Thousands of Dollars

I offer this exclusive course track for photographers looking to start their journey. I have been in photography for 35 years and there are two areas I am passionate about when helping others: Setting realistic expectations for landscape photography and spending money the right way, on the right gear, the first time.

My course is straight to the point, I get right into the meat of what you need from the top of the call until the end. I offer extra time for Q&A to ensure you get the answers and value you are seeking. No fluff, no affiliates, no bias. I do not steer my customers nor conversations down specific paths, rather I offer a comprehensive overview which will help you make choices without the multitude of opinions that ultimately cloud your judgement and confidence. You got this!


Have a look at this course and feel free to reach out to me with questions. You can find me on the contact page form, email me or text me at 919.454.7632. Thank you!