Meet The Artist | Greg Ghia

My name is Greg Ghia and I want to thank you for visiting my site. My photography gallery displays my passion - taking thoughtful pictures & creating beautiful prints. I am a self-taught landscape and aerial photographer specializing in vivid, HDR, detailed photography which then transforms into art. Born and raised in Chapel Hill, NC, I currently live and split time between Cary, NC and Carolina Beach, NC with my wife Michelle and my daughter Sophie who has an eye for photography with her iPhone which she refers too as - iPhoneography.

Landscape photography is my niche, the bigger the scene, the better although I do love macro as well. Capturing the details and colors of big majestic scenes and explosive skies under amazing sunrise and sunsets motivates my excitement for the craft. It's a rush to select, research, travel and shoot beautiful locations all throughout the year, in all kinds of weather. Alone (most of the time) in nature without the distractions and noise, enjoying the journey, the hike, the weather...that's a great day.

I travel all over the world and I am particularly passionate about the great state of North Carolina, my home. I strive to highlight the diversity of the regions between the Blue Ridge mountains and the Atlantic coast. Freezing moments in time and showing landscapes in ways that you may not have seen them before through planning, attention to detail, catching rich light and luck. I want to create and offers images for people to showcase in their homes and appreciate, even if for 3 seconds a day. Maybe the places I've been are somewhere you’ve been that brings back a fond memory, maybe its somewhere you plan on going and need motivation, or maybe its somewhere you’ll never go, but you want the experience. That's why I am a photographer.

Thank you again for your interest in my work. Please return regularly to see my newest releases and consider sharing this website with your friends and families.