Above Ground Level

Above Ground Level is an extension of Greg Ghia Photography - creating beautiful shots from elevated views, These projects are custom and a lot of fun. I get to remote locations offering great vantage points and razor sharp, high resolution, images.

Aerial photography offers captivating ways to experience the scenic wonders of landscapes. Whether you're a magazine publication or an individual wanting to level up your rental listing - capture the beauty from unique vantage points.

Greg is passionate about delivering top-notch results. Also an experienced drone pilot who ensures every shot is meticulously planned and executed. Safety, quality, and professionalism is prioritized in all projects. Licensed and insured means you can work with a pro with no worries.

Raleigh, NC Greg Ghia Photography

  • Licenses & Insured
  • FAA Licensed Part 107 Drone Pilot
  • Recurrent Non Part 61 Pilot Completed 2/5/2024
  • Registered NC Dept of Transportation
  • UAS Commercial Operator Permit

My base rate and minimum for local work is $399. Local is both Raleigh-Durham and Wilmington, NC areas. Most jobs can be accomplished at the base rate. All images are provided, digitally, to the customer. The base rate includes one professionally edited image, ready for print. Any art production prints created from the images will be priced separately. If you have a project outside these areas we can discuss nominal travel expense. BOOK NOW!

Greg Ghia Photography
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Q. Are you licensed?

Yes, I am compliant with all FAA guidelines including licensed by USDOT and NCDOT. UAV Part 107 Pilots License. I am licensed with both the FAA, State of NC & Wake County. These are simple requirements which have been set fourth so that a drone operator can offer services for money and operate safely. The FAA test known as Part 107 is similar to what a beginner pilot would take as they are getting started. Material to master includes; Air Space, Meteorology, Air Traffic, Safety, Navigation, etc. The purpose is to make drone operators more aware of their surroundings and operate professionally.

Q. What is your pricing?

Pricing depends on your need. I don't publish "packages" as I don't like to cram a customer into a package. Each customer is different and so are your needs. I like to understand the scope of work and discuss budget and set pricing appropriate for the work. I do charge a minimum of $399 for most jobs as a baseline and 95% of customer jobs fit into this price point.

Q. Where are you based?

I split time between Cary, NC and Carolina Beach, NC. They both serve as a local market and I can travel to locations per request throughout the year.

Q. How long does the shoot take?

As long as it takes! I bring the proper equipment to shoots so that I can stay airborne based on your need however with proper planning and experience I can usually take perfect shots within minutes. I can even simultaneously shoot photos from the ground while taking aerials, offering multiple points of view.

Q. How long does it take to get my photos?

You will have your finished photos back to you within 1 business week, most likely sooner. Should you chose to use Greg Ghia Photography for prints - delivery time will be quoted.

Q. Will I get copies of all photos?

Yes all photos will be digitally uploaded for your review and use shortly after initial shoot.