Hanging Rock Hike

March 1, 2024  |  Hanging Rock State Park, NC

The hike up to Hanging Rock State Park is pretty amazing and rigorous. It offers a mix of scenic beauty and heart pumping challenge. The main trail is around 1.3 miles, leading you through lush forests and rocky terrain. As you ascend, you'll be treated to panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The highlight is reaching the Hanging Rock summit, where you can enjoy breathtaking vistas of the Piedmont region. It's a rewarding hike, suitable for various skill levels, and provides great photo opportunities for a photography enthusiast like yourself. Make sure to check trail conditions and park guidelines before heading out. Happy hiking!

Hanging Rock State Park, NC  diverse outdoor haven with mountain views, rock outcrops, waterfalls. Beauty of Stokes County's natural landscapes and recreation.

Hanging Rock, NC - Located in Stokes County 30 miles north of Winston-Salem, Hanging Rock State Park started as a Civilian Conservation Corps project and has become a park that offers every part of a traditional outdoor experience. Trails lead to picturesque mountain views, rock outcrops, waterfalls, and even a mountain cave. Some are open to horseback riding and mountain biking, and a portion is part of the Mountains-to-Sea State Trail. Campgrounds, a swim lake, and access to paddling on the Dan River complete the gamut of recreational opportunities. Photo © copyright by Greg Ghia.