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The Unseen Value of Landscape Photography in Our Homes
February 9, 2024  |  Washington

In the fast-paced world of today, where digital screens often dominate our visual landscape, the timeless appeal of fine art, especially landscape photography, stands as a beacon of tranquility and reflection...

Choosing the Right Photo Format: RAW, JPEG, or Compressed RAW?
February 6, 2024  |  North Carolina

In the world of digital photography, one of the fundamental decisions every photographer faces is choosing the right image format. This decision can significantly impact the quality and versatility of your photos...

The Soul of My Space: Finding Connection Through Fine Art Photography
February 1, 2024  |  North Carolina

Walking through my home, each shot I printed reminds me of a great travel memory while on location, but it's the fine art photography prints that whispers the most intimately. There's an indescribable feeling when you find a photograph that seems to capture a piece of your soul, that moment frozen in time that resonates deeply with your likes...

Maximizing the Potential of Your Mirrorless Camera
January 31, 2024  |  North Carolina

Mirrorless cameras, steadily gaining popularity and market share, are poised to replace most DSLRs in the coming years. Their design offers new technological and user interface opportunities that are attracting photographers worldwide...

January 29, 2024  |  Raleigh

Two New Courses from Greg Ghia Photography

If you are new to the world of landscape photography and need some help, you've come to the right place. I offer two courses which help you select and purchase the right gear as well as a course that helps you understand how to be successful in landscape photography even on your first outing...

The Best Camera If You're Starting Out

If you're embarking on the exciting journey of getting your first serious camera or upgrading from a basic point-and-shoot, you're entering a world filled with choices, brands, and technical jargon...

Unlocking Your Camera's Superpowers: Understanding Dynamic Range

Have you ever wondered how to get the best out of your camera, especially in tricky lighting situations? Understanding your camera's dynamic range can be a game-changer for photographers of all levels...

Art Galleries in North Carolina | Van Gogh Immersive Experience
North Carolina

Are you an art connoisseur looking for your next museum visit? Look no further than the Raleigh Van Gogh Immersive Experience! Not only will you be able to explore and learn more about one of art history’s most influential figures, but you’ll also get to experience his work in an entirely new way.

Best Photography in Blue Ridge Mountains | Landscape Photography
North Carolina

If you're an aspiring photographer looking to take your pictures to the next level look no further than the beautiful and breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. With its winding roads, lush forests, and amazing mountain ranges, this region offers some of the most incredible photography opportunities in all of the United States. Check out my top 5 favorites in this post!

What's In My Bags? Lessons Learned Buying Photo Gear
What's In My Bags & Lessons Learned

Notice how I said what's in my bags, as in plural. I know, I have a serious problem. I love backpacks but that's another post. Here I highlight my gear and the lessons learned along the way, maybe my experiences will help guide and save you money...

Photography Is A Craft That Produces Beautiful Art

As a photographer, I am always working to improve my craft. I often wonder why I love nature photography and what is the end game for spending so much time outside excited to catch that beautiful setting...

June 24, 2020  |  Raleigh, NC

Greg Ghia, a fine art photographer from Cary, NC, with an additional residence in Carolina Beach, NC, has cultivated a lifelong passion for photography, a journey that began in junior high school. Now at 50, Greg embraces his craft fully, overcoming past fears to pursue photography with the dedication of a perfectionist, aiming for excellence in every image...